Sterling Design Exclusives:

Take a look at our signature designs for only $16 each. T-shirts currently available: “I’m Not Religious”  & “Relax”, with many more to come! We also have our first signature onesie “Blind Play Date” for only $7. Hooded Sweatshirts currently available: “I’m Not Religious” & “Relax”, on sale now for $24.

Rush Orders:

If you want your order ready to ship sooner than the standard 10-14 business day period, For $50 you may opt for rush processing. Your order will be ready for pick up, delivery, or shipment in 3-6 business days. Bulk orders over 250 may require additional time. To request rush processing simply go to the “SHOP” tab and add “RUSH PROCESSING” to your cart.

Mixing and Matching: 

At Sterling Design Firm you won’t be charged extra to mix and match the t-shirts in your order. Within your quantity amount you have the option to mix any number of female shirts with uni-sex shirts, along with multiple variations of standard colors and sizes, all for no extra cost!                (For example if you wish to order 50 shirts you may select 25 female shirts at the 50-249 quantity range and add them to your cart. You can then go to the unisex page and order 25 shirts at the same 50-249 quantity range, add to your cart, and complete your order.)

Getting a Quote:

Visit the products page you are interested in and select each of the drop down options for a quote.


Adding a Fee:

Make sure you have added all applicable fees, textures, or accents  to you order before checking out.